How to get the best data for journalism-Passing the baton of knowledge on.



Claire Miller’s link on FOI (click here)

Having started data journalism in September 2013, I never really realised how powerful data could be and the potential it has in conveying a very powerful message to its audience.

It got me thinking about all the wonderful ways in which we can obtain data, over the next four weeks I am going to post a series of information links showing young an aspiring data hounds how to sniff out the best bits and get the most “bang for your buck,” i.e have powerful front pages.

I thought I would start with a blog post I read from Claire Miller, from Trinity Mirror Group Regional newspapers,  on Freedom of Information (FOI).

Claire explains the FOI requests that she currently has on the go, and also how to request the best information.

This is a great source of information for all of those inquisitive data driven journalists. It also relates to the initial FOI request I did at the start of my data journey. It has subsequently helped me massively with all my new FOI requests and I hope you find it useful.

Thanks for reading!


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