5 common cosmetic dental procedures, why and how much for?


It seems that not all cosmetic surgery is for vanity. This interesting info graphic shows that a beautiful smile can have a huge impact on a persons confidence and even career.

As part of the passing the baton of knowledge on series, I thought it would be a great idea to look at the positives as well as improvements that can be made within this story.

The key points as provided by Toothpick are as follows:

  • Look out for which dental professionals can perform which treatments, bearing in mind that you can now go straight to the dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning, following new legislation.
  • Note that teeth whitening can now only be performed by dentists following new legislation, rendering treatments in salons illegal.
  • NHS coverage is reserved for treatments that stabilize oral health, therefore cosmetic dentistry procedures qualify only in very rare circumstances.
  • The featured procedures represent our selection of most commonly used in cosmetic dentistry, although other treatment options are available.
  • All costs and timings are estimates, based on data collected by Toothpick.com – your dentist will advice what you need, and can expect, from your particular treatment plan.

I think this is a great informative piece of data journalism. It tells the reader how much the procedure costs, giving details on who can carry it out as well.

This is educational as it means that the reader can than ensure they are being charged correctly and the person carrying out the surgery can actually do it!

The visual representation is also very good, highlighting the procedure details and the costs.

Great data journalism I think would have been even better to have some case studies/testimonials, nevertheless a brilliant informative piece which tells a nice story.

Thanks for reading!


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