What did I learn from APIs?

Sometimes finding data stories when you don’t understand how to use the tools  can feel like you are watching a popular programme but in a different language. Take the Fresh Prince for example, everyone loves watching it. But if it was broadcast in the UK in French I doubt the appeal would be as great.


Fresh prince in French? Picture courtesy of flicker creative commons

So as part of my Pass the Baton of Knowledge on series I decided to look at APIs.
APIs was an interesting and hard task to master. It involves coding as well as other complex bits of data that takes some time to learn. However the output is powerful!

Lesson 1:Dont run before you can walk –As with all data ensure you start with something manageable, start easy with the example given in this blog and than progress from there onto more complex stories.

Lesson 2: Explore- Look for new data sets, I was amazed at the amount of APIs you can find, there is a vast amount of data sources so explore what is out there.

Lesson 3: Have fun-Too be honest at first I found this very difficult, but after re-reading my notes and other data sources I was able to post a step by step guide for all my Data Queen fans.

Thanks for reading!


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