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Map of the UK Picture courtesy of IPPR

Immigration in Britain is a  bone of contention for many, with Brits claiming that the number of Europeans in Britain outweighs the number of expats abroad.
I came across a brilliant data map a few weeks ago which highlights the number of Brits in Europe. The source is the Institute of Public Policy and Research (IPPR).

….This got me thinking

Are there any other news outlets that have tackled this story? I hunted around and found two news outlets. The first is  BBC News.

What I liked?

BBC News pulled together great visual tools to really show what the data means, showing the reader the amount of Brits living in particular countries. It offers you a worldview, continent and country view. To really see more on this click on the link here.

BBC News

The BBC data map. Picture courtesy of the BBC

It has used great tools to visualise the data to show the reader in comparison to various countries this is how many people live here. That’s a powerful story one which can not be argued with.

BBC News

Data Mapping. Picture courtesy of the BBC

What I didn’t like so much?

Wasn’t much that I didn’t like to be honest, my only suggestion would have been to compare these numbers to the number of immigrants in the UK, than I think you have an even more compelling story.

Next was Channel 4:

They had taken the story further by comparing the number of expats abroad with the number of Europeans in Britain.

Channel 4 News

Fact Check. Picture courtesy of Channel 4

What I liked?

Loved that they had taken the story further and the news peg was Gordon Browns quote. The data was more recent (2010) than BBC News (2006), which was great. Finally the verdict and commentary from Cathy Newman on the data was great.

What I didn’t like so much?

I didn’t like the lack of visualizations, such a compelling story it would have been brilliant to use a infographics or even a picture of Mr Brown or a map comparing the data. This would have made it much more powerful.

Data Queens verdict:

Although the story from Channel 4 took the news piece that one step further and made the data more news worthy for the reader, the lack of tools used to present the data, in my opinion, makes this a pretty poor piece but a great story.

Winner: BBC News-Good story, great visualisation.

Thanks for reading!