Rape reports versus people proceeded against (2008-2013) from the Metropolitan police

rape 222Very interesting set of data showing the number of people who have reported rape versus the number of people who have been charged. This is a useful and challenging set of data as it shows that less than 50% of people have actually been charged, but those people reporting rape or sexual assault over the last five years has increased by 17 per cent.



Incorrect prescriptions over the last 5 years in England

Incorrect precriptions over the last 5 years in England

Incorrect prescriptions in England over the last 5 years

I did a Freedom of Information request in October 2013 and requested from NHS England some information on incorrect prescriptions. I was provided with some data over a five year period which highlighted this information.  This is my first infographics and it shows the most popular reason for why the prescription was incorrect.
One of the main reasons was that the incorrect drug or medicine was given.

What I learnt from this?

The main thing I learnt was that infographics can really enhance a story and bring it to life. I also learnt that it is critical you are specific with your FOI requests as NHS England came back quite a few times and asked for more information.

Thanks for reading!